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Blackburn resident Carl Fogarty is the undisputed king of World Superbike racing, winning 59 races, four World Superbike Championships, and the 14th series of ITV's I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! We talk to him about his racing career, his love of the great outdoors and why he's supporting Freedom to Go…

What leisure vehicles have you owned over the years, what have you got now?

In the first part of my career I owned many caravans which we used to go to races, then I moved onto a more American style motorhome. From about 1992 – 1999 we went all over Europe in it and I’ve also owned a caravan holiday home in Wales, Anglesey, a holiday lodge basically, it looked like a log cabin. I sold that last year having owned it for five years as I wanted to move around a bit more and see different places using a caravan or motorhome.

Having recently stayed in an Airstream, how was that experience?

I loved it, great bit of kit that’s really well made and you can really see the quality in how they’re made. Towing it was really easy, no problems at all and it’s great having your car to get around it gives you such freedom. Though it’s called an Airstream the towing and set-up are basically the same as any other van so it was dead easy.

Of all the places to holiday where is your favourite spot?

I really love Anglesey, it’s not far from where I live in Blackburn and it’s so beautiful there with the beaches and sea, on a clear sunny day it’s like being on the Mediterranean really. I’ve taken a few pictures there and people don’t believe I’m in Wales. I enjoy going out with the dogs, walking on the beach and doing a bit of mountain biking, sea fishing and just getting in the outdoors, I love it. 

Why have you got involved with Freedom to Go?

At my age I can pick and choose what I want to do, I don’t need to do anything really! But I’m really passionate about the outdoors and think people should get out more, especially in the UK. We’ve got such an amazing island here with a lot of variety, things to do and I think people should really make the most of it. I doesn’t matter to me about the weather, if it’s good or bad we’ve got the stuff now to be geared up for all conditions. If you want to get out there walking in amazing scenery or jumping off some bloody cliff, coasteering, sea fishing, mountain biking, BBQ’s there’s so much you can do, canoeing, kayaking. If you want the adventurous adrenaline side of things you can do that. If you want to chill out and go for walks on the beach, in the woods or up a mountain we’ve got all that too – it’s all there on our doorstep. I think it’s about reminding people what we have on our own doorstep that is unique and a bit different to anywhere else. Just to get away for a weekend or even a month, it’s so worthwhile.

Did you ever take your kids caravanning?

They came to all the races, especially in the summertime, and we would set the caravan or motorhome up to accommodate them. In fact in the American motorhome we made a cot out of the bath for Danielle when she was about one or two. Waking up in a different place all the time, happy days they were actually looking back on it, really good.

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“We’ve got such an amazing island here with a lot of variety and things to do, I think we must make the most of it”


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