Melodie King

Meet Melodie - Freedom to Go's surf ambassador. Ranked 5th in the UK in the Under 18's division, Melodie is royalty where surfing's concerned but her beginnings are a little more humble.

Melodie King one of Britain's best young surfers is also an enthusiastic ambassador for Freedom to Go.

melodie king

I think Freedom To Go is such an amazing, inviting campaign which aims to get as many people, like you or me out there living life to the full and being part of the great outdoors. During my work with the campaign I have met some extremely inspiring and lovely people; one of them being Richard the adventurer, I listened to his fascinating stories every day and they amazed from start to finish. He has done some brilliant, crazy things in his life and has definitely inspired me to do more things like that! We have swapped contact details so hopefully there are some exciting things to come in the future. I also met an incredible family called the Meeks, what is there not to say about them? They are so fascinating, all their stories about little family adventures and doing things that normal family's might not do. I loved them because it almost reminded me of when I was younger and my family and I used to go on crazy trips and adventures pretending to run away from the Pirates and things like that!

melodie motorhome

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