Trailer Tents & Folding Caravans

Love camping but long for a little more sturdiness and luxury but still want a light-weight, go-anywhere option?  Try a trailer tent or a folding caravan...

Trailer Tents

Looking to trade up from a tent to something a little easier and more comfortable?

Then a trailer tent could be the thing for you.

Easy to tow - by even the smaller cars - and a breeze to put up it removes the stress of erecting tents in the dark of night or terrible weather. 


They are an easy to handle, economical to tow and insure and are a perfect first step towards owning a leisure vehicle.

Some versions are very focused on facilitating outdoor activities and all are a perfect way to escape into the wild at a moment's notice.

You can even tow them behind another leisure vehicle such as a camper or a motorhome to truly maximise your capacity.

Folding Caravans

A hybrid of the trailer tent philosophy in that it is easy to tow for first timers and is a great step towards a fully fledged caravan. The solid sides simply lever up to provide you with a fully enclosed cosy caravan. 


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