Home from home: touring the UK in comfort

Retired pub landlady Susan Rand from Ashendon, Bucks, waxes lyrical on the joys of getting to know the UK by caravan

It's very handy for visiting family and friends because we're completely self-sufficient

By Susan Rand. Original Source: Telegraph 2015

We were cycling on the Suffolk coast at Aldeburgh when we spotted a fishing boat just coming in to land. We bought two beautiful lemon soles, then picked up some fresh Norfolk potatoes and rode home for a wonderful supper of fresh, local produce.

We live in Buckinghamshire and we’re certainly not marathon cyclists. So when I say “home”, I mean our caravan. We call it home because that’s what it is while we’re touring. Wherever we stop, all we need is water: the rest we can provide ourselves.

My husband Michael and I were lucky enough to retire at 50 and because we felt we didn’t know nearly enough about our own country, we set out to B&B our way around the UK. Only it wasn’t so easy. We found that if we didn’t stop by about 3pm, we couldn’t find anywhere that suited us. And the facilities often failed to meet our standards (we used to run a pub and did B&B ourselves, so I know how it ought to be done). The final straw was when I had to ask a landlady to clean the bathroom.

When some friends showed us their caravan, we both realised this was exactly what we wanted and within a week we’d bought our own, an ABI Award Transtar.

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