Be sure to check out these tips and advice on towing, for before, during and after your trip.  Ensure you stay safe on the road...

  • When you’re towing you need to remember that your total vehicle combination is now much longer, meaning you need more time and space to perform manoeuvres. 
  • Take corners wide and slow, ensuring you don’t cut the corner or hit the curb. 
  • When towing remember to fix on your towing mirrors to your car, allowing you to view the rear of your touring caravan with ease. These fixtures must be removed when the caravan is not being towed.
  • When you have come to a stop, ensure that you are parked in a suitable place that will not cause obstruction to any other road users.
  • Be aware that high winds can cause ‘snaking’ whereby the lateral movement of the caravan can become excessive and sometimes dangerous to drive, try to avoid driving in extremely windy conditions.
  • Remember to load your caravan correctly, ensuring that the weight of the caravan is not too heavy for the tow car you are using. More information on this can be found on TowCheck.
  • The MTPLM (Maximum Technical Permissible Laden Mass) is the absolute maximum weight that the caravan must not exceed to be legal on the road, including allowances for all fluids and personal belongings that you may wish to carry. This MTPLM can usually be found mounted near the entrance door or gas locker. 
  • Ensure you are in the appropriate gear when travelling up a hill, you do not want to run out of power. Equally, when travelling down a hill take extra care and try to stay in lower gears, this will in turn take some of the strain off the brakes.
  • The lights on a caravan must be clearly visible and in working order. The car must also have an audible and/or visual warning device linked to the wiring leading to the caravan indicators. 
  • Tyre pressures and wheel nuts or bolts on both the car and caravan should be checked regularly to comply with the manufacturer's recommendations. 
  • It is a legal requirement to have a rear number plate attached to the caravan that matches the towing vehicle, which must be illuminated at night


Now you know how to tow your touring caravan, you need to know how to hitch the caravan ahead of your journey. Check out our handy guide here and our legal information on towing here


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