Hitching a Car and Caravan

A step by step guide to hitching a car and caravan.

Hitching a caravan becomes easier with practice. Follow these simple steps to become an expert at hitching your car and caravan. This may be done by a single person but for safety two people are recommended (particularly until you feel comfortable with the process). 

1. Engage the caravan handbrake

Hitching a caravan - engage the handbrake

2. Chock the caravan wheels (particularly, if on a slope) 

Hitching a caravan - chock the caravan wheels 

3. Raise the corner steadies 

 Hitching a caravan - raise the corner steadies Hitching a Caravan - Corner Steadies

4. Lift the caravan front on the jockey wheel. If necessary, check the noseweight

Hitching a caravan - lift the caravan front on jockey wheel

5. Reverse the tow car or engage the motor mover to position the tow ball under the hitch head (raising the hitch head if necessary)

Hitching a caravan - reversing

6. Connect the breakaway cable to the direct ATTACHMENT point

Hitching a caravan - breakaway cable

7. Move the coupling over the towball 

Hitching a caravan - move the coupling over the towball

8. Lower the caravan with the jockey wheel onto the towball until the release handle clicks shut. Then wind the jockey wheel back up which should raise the car and coupling which confirms the connection has been made.

Hitching a caravan - lower the jockey wheel onto towball Hitching a caravan - release handle should click shut

9. Lock down the stabiliser handle 

Hitching a caravan - Engage Lock down the stabiliser handle

10. Wind Up the jockey wheel fully

Hitching a caravan - wind up the jockey wheel fully

11. release the jockey wheel clamp and Lift the jockey wheel column fully 

Hitching a caravan - Lift the jockey wheel column fully

12. Clamp the jockey wheel with its locking lever 

Hitching a caravan - locking lever

13. Check the trailer connection plug is clean. then Connect into car fixing 

Hitching a caravan - trailer connection plug Hitching a caravan - check the trailer connection plug is clean

14. Changed to green? Where an ATC system is fitted the lights will change from red to green


 15. Check all lights, indicators, reversing lights, etc. on the car and the caravan are working correctly 

Hitching a Caravan - checks

16. Recheck the coupling, breakaway cable and electrical connection(s). Caravan brake lever is released.

Hitching a caravan

17. Collect any chocks and corner steady pads and you're ready to go!

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