Leisure vehicles hold their value well - often only being used for a couple of weeks a year in total, so there is no shortage of pre-loved caravans and motorhomes out there - as long as you take sensible precautions buying second-hand can guarantee you many years of happy use.


If you are looking to invest in future family holidays that are fun, active, hassle-free and affordable; buying a used leisure vehicle is a fantastic way to start off slow and build up.  

It’s not just cheaper but used vehicles don't depreciate in value as quickly as buying brand new.  Motorhomes, in particular also hold their value very well so you can find some good financing deals to help with your purchase.

There are other advantages to buying used in terms of being less inclined to worry about wear and tear that your vehicle will inevitably suffer - especially pertinent if you have young children or pets or live muddy & messy pursuits like mountain-biking or surfing.

You can find lots of vehicles for sale at dealers, online or at auctions - but whichever method you use make sure you've done your research first and also ask the right questions before finalising the deal.


  • CRiS Check
  • If you are buying a touring caravan it is important to conduct a "CRiS Check" to ensure that you are buying from the registered keeper, that it has not been 'written off' by an insurance company and that it is finance free.
  • Match your caravan to your car
    Use TowCheck to make sure that the combination is suitably matched in relation to the relevant weights. The rules on what you can tow depend on certain weight ratios and are different depending on when you passed your driving test.TowCheck helps to ensure that a given combination is safe and legal, giving you and your family peace of mind before making an investment.
  • Research the market place
    Compare prices between advertisements and your local dealer. Don’t forget to budget for insurance and routine maintenance.
  • See the light
    If you don't buy from a dealer, make sure you view the vehicle in good daylight and don’t go alone. Meet at the seller’s house and not at a service station, pub or lay-by.
  • Request all documentation
    Ask to see the service history and CRiS registration document (if applicable).
  • Check the seller’s details
    Make sure the owner is who he says he is. Contact CRiS with a description of the make and model of the tourer and the owner’s details to be checked against the information on the CRiS database.
  • Check the locks
    Inspect all door and window locks for signs of force or replacement. This may mean the caravan has been stolen and look carefully at the CRiS window markings for signs of alteration or removal.



The dead period for sales can be around Christmas and the New Year and a perfect time to grab a bargain.

And remember take your time to decide. Buying a caravan or motorhome is a substantial investment, so don’t rush things, Take the time to find the right outfit and it will reward you with years of trouble-free touring. 


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