Go affordably

There are lots of cost-effective ways of owning a leisure vehicle and buying is surprisingly affordable as compared to other holidays or repeat-rental... 


Modern caravans and motorhomes are stylish, lightweight, comfortable, well-equipped and easy to tow.  Moreover, with prices starting at about £20,000 for a two/three-berth van (£10,000 for secondhand) it could pay for itself in just a few years on the savings made over hotel or package holidays – plus you get that freedom to go when and where you please.

Modern caravans and motorhomes retain their value remarkably well, so the value for money adds up on both sides of the equation. You could get a great deal of your money back if you decide to sell or upgrade in the future.

For example, a Swift Sundance motorhome bought in 2005 for about £35,000 could be worth about £25,000 today – 10 years later – so they are a great investment and will give you years of enjoyment with your family and friends.

There’s no need to buy outright, however – you can hire one for as long as you like from certain retailers.



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