Winter is a magical time of year filled with holidays and festive fun, but freezing temperatures can make it a daunting task to go outside! Even when you’re faced with the coldest climates, you can easily find ways to stay nice and cosy. By wearing the right clothes and maintaining your portable home’s temperature, you’ll be nice and toasty throughout the season.

18 December 2018

Pack the Essentials

With the days getting darker for longer it is essential that you bring suitable lighting. Travelling can be unpredictable, and you may end up arriving at your pitch at night. A head torch can be extra useful as you’ll still have both hands free if in the unfortunate event that you have to pitch up after dark. Bring a shovel if you think there is a possibility of ice or snow. You may need to tidy your pitch before setting up or clear any overnight snow. Check out our check-list for further tips from seasoned campers

Top Tip: Batteries tend to run out more quickly in cold conditions. Investing in lithium batteries means you’ll have light for longer. However, always bring plenty of spares!

winter trees


Choose Your Pitch Carefully

Plan your journey so you arrive in plenty of time before it gets dark. An ideal pitch will be one that gives natural shelter. Fences and bushes can provide handy windbreaks but avoid areas where there are trees that have a risk of falling branches. To find your perfect pitch, check out our handy pitch finder.

Top Tip: If possible, pitch your tent facing southeast to ensure you capture morning and early afternoon sunshine. It may provide some welcome natural warmth too.

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Wrap up

Just because it’s a little nippy outside doesn’t mean you can’t go out to enjoy the beautiful winter scenery! Layering your clothes is a simple yet effective way of staying warm. They trap the heat and you can always remove a layer depending on the activity or temperature. You should also think twice before relying on cotton as it tends to trap moisture, which in turn will make you feel colder. For optimum comfort and heat, opt for synthetic fibres and wool for the base layers, and throw on a warm fleece and a waterproof jacket.

Top Tip: Pack spares of everything. If something gets wet, there’s rarely ever the option to leave it outside to dry quickly.

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Get Moving

Whether you decide to stay indoors for most of winter or venture out in your leisure vehicle, staying active is your friend when it comes to the cold. There are lots of winter sports, like skiing, ice hockey or simply hiking, that can keep you on your toes throughout the winter.

Top Tip: Do simple workouts to help raise your core temperature. Wear long sleeves and trousers so your sweat doesn’t evaporate and cool you down.


Settling in For the Night

If you are braving a camping trip this winter, a sleeping bag fit for all four seasons is a must. A fleece sleeping bag liner could help a lot too. As tempting as it may be to layer your coat on top of your sleeping bag, don’t! This prevents the sleeping bag from breathing and stops it from working properly.

Top Tip: Give the sleeping bag a good shake before climbing in. It will help fluff up the down while trapping more air, and therefore heat, helping to keep you warm and toasty.

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Latest Innovations

The temperatures might be plummeting but there is no need to store your leisure vehicle away until the milder weather returns. With the latest innovations and capabilities from manufacturers, you’re all set for a winter adventure.

Top Tip: Browse the latest leisure vehicle innovations to ensure your leisure vehicle is up for the wintery conditions.


For more tips and advice for happy camping during winter, visit our partners at The Camping and Caravanning Club.

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