After being bitten by the travel bug and dreading the thought of going back to a 9-5 life, Francesca swapped her lucrative career in London for a 365-day solo trip in a Compass Campervan. Read on to see how she got started…

26 September 2019

After travelling around Asia in early January 2018, Francesca had no plans for her return to London, however she knew she wasn’t ready to get back into an office. After coming across David and Karen’s adventures in their Elddis motorhome, Francesca set away planning her own adventure on wheels. Before she knew it she was not only a blogger, but also the proud owner of a brand new Fiat Ducato Compass Avantguarde CV20.

Campervan image

With a stylish interior perfect for lounging at the most picturesque places in Europe.

 Inside Campervan

 Since starting her adventure, Francesca has visited the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany, as well as Italy and Greece, but her very first taste of #vanlife began in our very own backyard; The North Coast 500.

Campervan castle

The great thing about holidaying in a leisure vehicle is the flexibility you have when you discover nature’s gems on the way. However, it also means it can take a while before you reach your end destination, made evident by Francesca who spent three to four hours on the journey to Inverness that would normally have taken just two.

Campervan views

To read all about the trials and tribulations of Francesca’s very first week on the road in her campervan, click here.

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