Woodland Trust have put together a list of some of the finest woodland wildlife you might see on your next woodland adventure...

03 March 2020

Looking for  a woodland adventure? Why not enjoy a stay at one of these 'Back To Nature' sites across the UK, you may even see one of the wonderful animals below...


Instantly recognisable, the badger is one of our most popular mammals. They are found across the UK, with the highest numbers in southern England. Ideal badger habitat is a mixture of woodland and open country. Shy and nocturnal, spotting badgers is not easy. Take a walk in the woods around dawn or dusk and you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse.



This dainty species with a striking striped head is the UK's smallest bird. Found in woods across the country, it typically weighs just 5 grams, the same as a 20p coin! Keep your eyes peeled and you may be able to spot goldcrests flitting from tree to tree.


Green Woodpecker

These brightly coloured birds can be seen across the UK. There is a good chance you’ll hear them before you see them. Listen out for the drumming sound made as they strike trees with their beaks and their distinct laughing call.


Pine Marten

This elusive woodland predator is making a comeback, with a little help from the Woodland Trust. Pine martens were once found across the UK, but hunting and destruction of their woodland habitat meant they were confined to the most remote parts of Scotland by the 20th century. Thankfully, the species is now slowly recovering and the Trust is supporting a project that aims to re-establish martens in England and Wales.

Pine Marten

Purple Emperor Butterfly

Elusive they may be, but once encountered, the purple emperor is never forgotten. Britain’s second largest butterfly is a stunner. Males are the size of a small bird and with iridescent purple splashed across its upper wings. Look for the emperor in the woods of southern England during the summer months.


Red Squirrel

One of our most iconic mammals, the red squirrel has sadly disappeared from the majority of our woods. The introduction of non-native grey squirrels has proved disastrous for reds. However, if you take a trip to the woods of Scotland, the far north of England and Northern Ireland, you may still be rewarded with a sighting of these fantastic creatures.


Roe Deer

The roe is our most common deer species and is found across mainland Britain. Take a walk in the woods and you might encounter a deer, which will likely stop and stare for a second before bounding away with its white rump flashing.



The sparrowhawk is a skilful woodland predator adapted for chasing other birds through the trees and along hedgerows. Found across the country, you may see it silently moving through the woods in search of its next meal.


Stag Beetle

Stag beetles are one of our largest and most spectacular insects. Most common in southern England, your best chance of seeing these impressive insects is on a warm summer evening when males are searching for a mate.

Stag Beetle

Tawny Owl

A silent nocturnal hunter, it’s often easier to hear the distinctive ‘twit twoo’ call of a tawny owl than it is to see one. Found throughout the UK, owls are occasionally seen in daylight, especially in the summer months when they have young to feed.

Tawny Owl


For sites close to woodlands, rivers and national parks check out these 'Back To Nature' sites here 


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