Take a look at our newest recipe brought to you by our friends at Ringwood Brewery, perfect for those warm evenings!

26 April 2019

The May bank holiday weekends are finally upon us and that means that it’s time to light up the BBQ and sit back with an ice-cold beer. This month’s recipe from our partners at Ringwood Brewery has an Indian twist and is paired with a full flavoured, everyday IPA. The sweet malty taste in Circadian compliments the chicken, and the citrus moreish bitterness offsets the spices of this dish

This dish is perfect for when you’re away on your leisure vehicle or camping holiday, or even if you’re having a well-earned break in your garden. Just put together the yoghurt mix and let the chicken marinate overnight or until you’re ready to throw it on the BBQ.

Ringwood Recipe


What you need to get cooking

Tandoori Wrap x 4 ppl

4 x 12 tortilla wraps

400gr chicken breast

15gr tandoori spice rub

5gr ground cumin

5gr ground coriander

5gr ground ginger

5gr garlic powder

1 x baby gem lettuce

200gr long grain rice

10gr turmeric

1 x bay leaf

400gr vegetable stock

25gr butter

Salt and pepper to taste



½ cucumber deseeded and diced

100gr natural yoghurt

2gr chopped coriander

1 x large garlic clove chopped

Salt and pepper to taste



  1. Combine the dry spices (minus the turmeric, we’re using it later on) with natural yoghurt and season with salt and pepper to taste.
  2. Marinate the chicken in the yoghurt mix for two hours or overnight.
  3. Remove from marinade and sear chicken over a hot BBQ on kebab skewers. Reduce heat and continue to cook until golden brown.
  4. Leave to rest and keep warm.
  5. Combine rice with vegetable stock, turmeric and bay leaf, season with salt and pepper and steam until tender. Reserve and keep warm.
  6. Pick and wash the baby gem lettuce.
  7. Combine all the ingredients for the raita and season.
  8. Place a small amount of raita on each wrap. Top with rice and sliced warmed chicken. Roll into a cylinder and cut in half on a diagonal and serve with the rich Circadian.


For other food and beer pairing ideas, Ringwood Brewery also created a succulent slow cooked sticky BBQ ribs paired with their full-bodied Fortyniner.

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