Hear how Melodie King, British youth surfer, finds her life as a surfing competitor (and that of her supporting family) is made much easier with a motorhome to come back to...

12 November 2015

life as a surfing competitor is a breeze when you have a motorhome to come back to...

What can I say, having a motor home for Scotland and Croyde was perfect. The eighteen hour drive up to Scotland was super comfortable, we could play card games, chat around the table, enjoy the beautiful views out of the large windows. It was such a fun road trip with all of my favourite people!

Croyde didn't really go how I wanted it to but all the same it was still fun, the waves were good and it was sunny, I managed to get 5th over all in the under 18 girls. The setup at the competition in Croyde was amazing and the atmosphere was lovely.

After Croyde we started the monster drive up to Scotland, we were all dreading it because of how long it was but actually it was so fun, the van is so comfortable and we could all sit round the table and chat and enjoy the views, we wouldn't hesitate to do it again simply because of how hassle free it was.

When we arrived in Scotland we stayed in a lovely little campsite over looking the waves, we had a good advantage because we arrived there a few days before everyone else which gave us time to surf the wave before the competition. I found this really helpful because I got used to the wave.


Every evening mum would make delicious warming, hearty meals to warm us up after a surf, she would also fill a bucket up of warm water to soak out freezing cold hands and feet in after.  This was a luxury that we wouldn't have had without our home on wheels!

The competition day arrived and the surf looked fun, it's so different surfing in a heat as a girl, we all get on and chat in the water, we all cheer each other into waves which makes it so much less nerve racking. I was ready for my heats, in my first heat I wasn't doing so well until the last five or so minutes, I managed to get two good waves and get myself second place in the heat which I was very happy with. For both divisions I placed a semi final finish in both the women's and the under eighteens. I think I worked very hard and did my best, it was definitely a good competition to end the season on.  

And of course, I can look forward to taking the motor-home on it's next round of adventures next year..

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