Consumer demand and market innovation means that there is a caravan to suit all pockets and tastes – from uber-luxurious to mega-minimalist

09 October 2015

By Erin Baker. Original Source: Telegraph 2015

Ask a caravanner why they do it, and you’ll get a million different replies. For some it’s about comfort and convenience, for others it’s about escaping the daily grind on the open road.

Some simply want a home-from-home in which to sleep on the move, while others want to take an active lifestyle away with them in the form of bikes, climbing gear and sports equipment.

For some caravanners, being eco-friendly is vital, while others don’t want to sacrifice the driving experience.

Whatever floats your boat (or tows your van), there is a caravan or motorhome for you, because consumer demand plus market innovation equals plenty of smart new products to choose from.

Erin Baker explores the options here.


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