If you can’t get enough of the great outdoors, check out some of the highly anticipated gadgets and accessories we're excited about.

05 January 2015

Must Have Gadgets for the Great Outdoors...

At Freedom to Go thought we’d share some of the highly anticipated gadgets and accessories we are excited about.

Wearable technology was huge last year, and this trend continues into 2016 with innovative products that will help you do the things you love; whether it’s to help you stay visible, keep your feet comfortable or to let you enjoy your view for a couple minutes longer. If you can’t get enough of the great outdoors, check out these amazing gadgets to make your time outside even better.

These are our hottest gadget picks:

Therm-A-Rest Slacker Hammock – Perfect for Lazy Sunday Afternoons

A personal favourite - this piece of kit is perfect if you are looking to enjoy a lazy afternoon or a cosy evening gazing at the stars. A hammock that comes in both single and double also gives extra storage pockets on the sides for books and iPads, is seamless for comfort and has anti-tear fabric. All you need now are two trees to hang it from. Lovely.

Therm-a-rest slacker hammock

H.A.D Originals – Perfect for Everyone

This German brand is coming to the UK this year. The original producers of innovative and colourful buff and tube scarves have now created a great range of scarves with reflective strips in creative patterns. Not only are these great for ramblers and hikers, but they can also provide extra security when it comes to keeping kids (and you!) road safe. 

HAD Originals

CycleFire Bar Plug Lights– Perfect for Cyclists

These are a nifty little tool to make sure you are always visible, and we think they look quite good too. The lights designed by CycleFire slot into the back of your handle to make sure you are noticeable on the road at all times. 

Cycle Fire Bar Plug


ECCO Gore-tex – Perfect for Walkers

This Swedish company have created the perfect walking shoe featuring a Gore-tex membrane which allows the shoes and boots to not only be breathable but also waterproof. Their innovative design and the superior choice of material make them comfortable all day long. If you love walking, keep your eye on this brand this year. 

ECCO Gore-Tex

Omega Pacific Portable Dog Run – Perfect for dog owners

If you are planning on camping or caravanning with your four legged friend this year, we highly recommend you invest in this piece of gear. The Omega portable dog run will allow you to tether your dog in safety almost anywhere. All you need are two trees or posts in close proximity, your pup will then have the freedom to roam around, without getting hurt or escaping.


Kilimanjaro Ascend – Perfect for Channelling your Inner Bear Grylls

Kilimanjaro are known as creators of incredible compact multi-tools, and although these aren’t technically available in the UK, they can be ordered online. Their newest edition the Ascend is a great piece of kit, equipped with 9 individual components; and it should be completely TSA compliant as it doesn’t have a blade. 


180’s NiteBlaze – Perfect for Runners

This brand new patented technology is currently unavailable but is sure to create a huge stir when it is. 180’s are already known for their incredible wearable technology and with this new running gear they are just getting started. They’ve created reflective running gear, which remains unseen until its hit with light. With their stunning designs and prints on t-shirts, jackets and shorts keep your eyes peeled when this hits the market.

180’s NiteBlaze

Maps.Me – Perfect for Explorers

This new app for camping and caravanning is perfect for exploring the great outdoors, not only because it’s completely offline and worldwide – but because of the huge amount of detail which is available. As a user you can also add to the app, letting people know if roads have changed or are no longer in use and because of this it stays very accurate and up to date. It’s also available across a wide range of platforms and best of all it is currently FREE!

Find out more at http://Maps.Me

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