It’s not just humans that enjoy a break – dogs need a holiday too!

14 March 2018

From long walks on the beach to exploring Britain’s amazing countryside, there are plenty of things we both love about a holiday. To help you plan the perfect dog-friendly getaway, Parkdean Resorts has teamed up with Graeme Hall, aka ‘The Dogfather’ from Channel 4's 'Dogs Behaving Badly', to find out why dogs need a holiday too...


Like humans, dogs can feel fed up and anxious, and they need a break from the stress of everyday life just as much as we do! It’s no secret that a holiday is the perfect time for some relaxation, for both humans and man’s best friend.

Graeme explained that: “For dogs, there’s nothing like a holiday to create a feeling of wellbeing. Dogs pick up on our moods, so spending time with them on holiday when we’re relaxed helps them to relax too.”

Family time

Our four-legged friends really are part of the family and it can often feel like something is missing when we holiday without them. It isn’t just us who love spending time with our pets, they love spending time with us as well!

It’s a sad fact that most of us can’t spend as much quality time with our animals as we’d like, as the demands of everyday life can often get in the way. But a holiday can be the ideal time to create amazing memories with the whole family involved – including those with four paws.

As Graeme says: “Dogs love being with their owners. A holiday is a great opportunity to spend quality time bonding with our dogs. It’s a bond that remains long after the holiday is over.”

Family Dog Holiday


There’s no denying it – Britain is a pretty exciting place if you’ve got a wet nose and a waggy tail. From golden, sandy beaches in Cornwall to peaceful woodlands in Scotland, there’s so much to explore in the great outdoors.

Dogs need plenty of exercise, and a holiday can be the perfect time for this. As Graeme explains: “We’re more active on holiday, which means our four-legged friends are as well! Most dogs are at their happiest being active, preferably outdoors, with their families.

Sometimes dogs can feel a bit pent up. They love being out and about, and what we tend to do in our world is keep them in the house while we’re off at work. A holiday is a good time for them to get all the exercise they need, whilst having fun with the people they love the most.”

New Experiences

It isn’t just physical exercise that our four-legged friends require – mental activity can be just as important. This can often be hard to provide at home when they’re settled into their familiar surroundings, so a holiday is sure to get their brains working!

From new places to sniff to playing with other dogs, a holiday will allow them to experience plenty of new things. Graeme explains: “A holiday is perfect for dogs on a social level. Not only do they love being with their owners, most dogs love meeting new people and other canine friends. A holiday can be a good opportunity for them to socialise with both.”


In addition to improving their physical and mental wellbeing, a holiday can even lead to better long-term behaviour too! A relaxed and happy dog is much easier to train, and with all that quality time spent together on your break, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to improve your dog’s behaviour.

According to Graeme: “A change of scenery can be a great time to get back to basics and create new, good habits for your dog. Dog training takes time and a lot of repetition to bed in new behaviour. We have more time on holiday, away from the demands of day-to-day life, to get it right.

If you have the time and patience to do the right things repeatedly, you’ll create great new habits for your dog that will last long after your holiday is over. It takes time and a little know-how, but a holiday is a great way to kick-start your new regime.”

Dog Friendly Holiday


“Parkdean Resorts offers pet-friendly accommodation at 67 of its UK holiday parks, and has welcomed over 50,000 pets in the last year alone. To help plan your next dog-friendly getaway, click here to see more of Graeme Hall’s top tips for holidaying with your dog.”

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