A larger touring caravan will accommodate you, your family and guests in great comfort and style ...

Ranging in size and weight to suit your towing vehicle and holiday lifestyle needs, there is an exciting range of caravans widely available in the UK.

Whether you are looking to home just yourselves, your pets, your children, grand-children or all of them together ! - there is a larger tourer caravan to accommodate your holiday party.

With a multitude of different layout options - including fixed beds, additional living space, end toilets or mid-placed kitchens you will be able to find a caravan that matches your desires.

Buying a compact caravan doesn't always mean you need to confine yourselves to just that space too.  Consider buying an awning and you’ll still have enough space and you could buy a 4 metre (13 ft) caravan with an awning for considerably less money than a 5 metre (17 ft) caravan.

Attached to the side of your caravan, which has an ‘awning channel’ built in, you can use it for extra dining space, as an additional room for children or visitors to sleep, or a place for you to sit out on hot summer nights when the kids have gone to bed.


John, Su and Emily English: "The sense of freedom to go where you want, especially with kids, is what makes this type of holiday our favourite way to spend time together.”

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