Campervans are endlessly popular - and for good reason, These iconic, versatile, fun & rugged holidays-in-a-home-from-home epitomise the sense of freedom that everyone from young sporting enthusiasts, to couples, to families to retirees can embrace.

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Campervans come in two versions: one with a high top, the other a rising roof. Both are well-equipped and generally have all the comforts of home. Compact and easy to drive, they often replace the family car. Prices range from Pre-owned £6,000 and New £24,000.

Despite their smaller size campervans still come in many varying formats so you'll want to compare and contrast different models and match with your needs and budget.

Remember you can expand your interior space with awnings and/or tents and often add-on roof bed space at a later date if you so chose.

Whatever you pick, it is bound to be the gateway to a host of fun times...


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Rachel Piggott: "Having a campervan reminds me of being young and free. I’m older now but I’ve not lost my sense of adventure."



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