3-6 Berth Touring Caravans

A larger touring caravan will accommodate you, your family and guests in great comfort and style ...

Ranging in size and weight to suit your towing vehicle and holiday lifestyle needs, there is an exciting range of caravans widely available in the UK.

Whether you are looking to home just yourselves, your pets, your children, grand-children or all of them together ! - there is a larger tourer caravan to accommodate your holiday party.

With a multitude of different layout options - including fixed beds, additional living space, end toilets or mid-placed kitchens you will be able to find a caravan that matches your desires.

For an in depth virtual viewing of a:

Bailey Pursuit Touring Caravan:

Bailey Unicorn Pamplona Touring Caravan:

Elddis Xplore 554 Touring Caravan:

Elddis Buccaneer Barracuda Touring Caravan:

Airstream Colorado Caravan:


John, Su and Emily English: "The sense of freedom to go where you want, especially with kids, is what makes this type of holiday our favourite way to spend time together.”

Prices range from used models starting at £7,000 and ranging from £10,000 new.


Even if there are only 2 of you, you may decide the additional space in a four or five berth caravan, would suit you better.

Remember though, the size of your car may restrict thesize of the caravan you can tow.

See our "What can I drive?" page for more guidance on this.

Ronald and Maureen Ward: "We purchased our first Swift in 1988 - a Corniche 14/4. We are now on our tenth Swift Caravan and proud members of the Swift Owner's Club."

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